Monday, 13 May 2019

20mm Airfix Cromwell

Finally finished the Airfix Cromwell tank - one of the £5 Aldi bargains from last year (I do wish I'd picked up enough for a troop now).  I posted the first pics of the unpainted vehicle a couple of months back.  The commander is from the Hat British tank riders set.

I added some assorted stowage from Sgts Mess, chiefly some Jerry cans, ammo boxes and tarps.  Decals were as supplied with the kit.  I can't find a reliable photo showing the bridge marker on a Cromwell fitted with the Culin device (it would normally go on the left hull front as you look at the vehicle from the front, where the Culin is attached).

The vehicle is painted in Vallejo Russian uniform, washed with dilute Agrax earthshade and dry brushed with Iraqi sand.  Wooden tools and boxes are beige brown while bare metal tools and wheel tyres are black grey.  Tracks are flat brown and orange brown mixed.  Engine cover is washed in Nuln oil.

This is the first in a series of British recce vehicles that I'm working on, most are painted and gloss varnished, but I'm in the process of adding decals and it's a slow process trying to find a consistent marking scheme and then making sure I have the correct decals.  British vehicle numbers in 20mm seem to be really poorly represented, although divisional and tactical markings are well covered.

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. Turned out nicely - the arm of service marking of 76 on red over blue means it is an OP tank, probably with the unit equipped with sextons, but I don't have access to my reference books at the moment

    1. Thanks Will. Interesting, I wonder if Airfix intended that as it's meant to be a regular tank - no sign of a dummy gun. Funny enough, I've just decalled a Dingo as an artillery spotter with the same markings. Now I need to pick up some tactical markings and some census number decals.

      Cheers, Andy