Saturday, 1 August 2020

20mm WW2 US artillery

I needed some on table artillery support for my WW2 US forces, so picked up a pair of 105mm howitzers and crews from Grubby.  I'd assembled them ages ago, but only got round to doing anything with them recently.

Bazookas aren't always enough to keep the Panzers at bay, so I also picked up a pair of 57mm/6 pdr AT guns plus crews.

I also wanted a pair of .30 cal MMGs to represent dismounted recce crews.  These water-cooled .30 cals are from Caeser.

I used paints based on the Normandy paint scheme from Ray Haskin's Crowood guide, which seems to have worked out ok, English uniform trousers washed in Agrax Earthshade and blouses/jackets in khaki, with highlights lightened with Iraqi Sand.  Webbing and packs, etc., are German camo beige, helmets brown violet.

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. Nice work Mr C. We'll have to organise a big game some time to give you a chance to get all this new stuff into action.
    Cheers, Richard P

    1. Thanks Mr P,

      Sounds good to me. I'll need to get the curse of new units over and done with. I'm even looking at our local community centre as a venue as theres no certainty when/if Airbus will reopen the club.

      Cheers, Andy