Saturday, 3 August 2013

6mm ACW Command

Alongside what I plan to be a steady stream of confederate infantry regiments, I've been working on some command stands, based on the Black Powder rules.

Two divisional or corps commanders flanking an army or corps commander,  The figures are Baccus and come from their Confederate Generals pack, which includes assorted commander figures (one at least seems to represent Lee and, I suspect, Longstreet) and some cavalrymen bearing standards.  For the army/corps commander I added a couple of spare cavalrymen representing the commanders escort plus an extra CO figure.
 Cavalry brigade commanders - actually spare cavalry command strips from the routine cavalry pack.
 Infantry brigade commanders, two commanders figures from the generals pack.
 An infantry brigade formed in line with one unit forming a skirmish screen to the front.
 A full division, regiments in column, two brigades up front each with two regiments up and two behind, and a third brigade in the rear with 3 regiments in column abreast.
 Closer view of the confederate right flank brigade and assorted command stands.
 More detailed view of the confederate left flank brigade, in this case of zouaves.

I have another regiment on the painting table and at least half a dozen more waiting to be painted, plus more cavalry and artillery.  Looking forward to getting these guys on the table!

Thanks for looking.

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