Sunday, 27 October 2013

21st Panzer Division - Normandy - Kampfgruppe Rauch

Next up, Kampfgruppe Rauch.  Still plagued with poor light problems for photography, unfortunately.

Stab Pz-grenadier Regt 192, motorcycle/sidecar recce and CO/HQ, pioneer stand with S303 transport and Pak 38 with Laffly ex-French softskin.
 I Battalion Pz-grenadier Regt 192.  At the back HQ with S303 transport and Lorraine 10.5cm SPG. In the foreground 1 and 2 Kompanies, each three infantry and one MMG in U304s.
 The rest of I Battalion, 3 Kompanie as 1 and 2 above, and 4 Kompanie with one stand each of U304 with 2cm Flak 38, S307 with 7.5cm Pak 40 and S307 with 8cm Reihenwerfer.
 II Battalion Pz-grenadier Regt 192, with HQ with unarmoured ex-French half-track at the front, with 5 and 6 Kompanies, each three infantry and one MMG stands in captured softskin transports (various British, Italian and French trucks, plus some ex-French half-tracks.
 7 Kompanie,as 5 and 6 Kompanies above, plus 8 Kompanie as 4 Kompanie above.  At the back are 9 and 10 Kompanies, one stand of a Lorraine 15cm SPG and an S307 Reihenwerfer.
 Panzer Pioneer Battalion 220, 2 Kompanie at the front, three pioneers, an MMG and 81mm Mortar stand with S303 transports, and 3 Kompanie at the back, as 2 Kompanie but in softskin transports.  On the left is the CO in S303 transport.  1 Kompanie is detached to KG Oppeln.
 II Battalion Panzer-Artillerie Regt 155, batteries 4, 5 and 6, of 2 10.5cm and 1 15cm Lorraine SPGs, each with a Pzbeobacht Lorraine FAO.

This KG provides the infantry support for KG Oppeln's armour, allowing ground taken by the armour to be held by the supporting infantry.

I've almost wrapped up KG Von Luck and I'm still working on Stug Abt 200, Pz Aufklarungs Abt 21  and some smaller elements to complete the Division.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Well done Andy, that's an impressive amount of 6mm completed. Best get back to doing some 6mm myself....