Sunday, 13 October 2013

Battle of Leipzig refight pictures (part 2)

Todays play at the Defenders club.  Pictures cover the game period from 12 noon to 3pm, ending with the thwarting of Napoleons plan to break the allies.  So, we managed 8 turns on Saturday and 6 turns on Sunday - needed to allow pack up time on the last day.


  1. Hi Andy,

    It all looks pretty impressive to me, just sorry I couldn't of be there. Looks like you had your work cut out moving all those figures around! What are to stones for by the way?



  2. Thanks Richard, on behalf of Will! Wills' collection of 20mm plastics is amazing - the table always looks incredible, especially when it's Napoleonics, although the ACW and Jacobites are pretty impressive, as is his WW2 collection. I'm just lucky he lets me in on the games.

    As for the lines of stones, the scenery in the area is rolling hills, so the lines of stones represent crest lines. They were no effect for musketry, but artillery couldn't fire across them unless they were on one of the designated pieces of high ground. They worked really well, although by the end there were so many figures on the table the stones were getting scattered.