Friday, 17 October 2014

15mm Peterpig USMC

I've been tempted by the Peterpig USMC figures from their AK-47 range for ages.  Our interest in  Force on Force and Tomorrows War gave me the spur I needed to pick up a few packs and give them a try out.  I've painted them up for desert operations with a light brown base coat, English uniform for boots and body armour, black for weapons and goggle straps.  All washed in Army Painter strong tone.  Then an Iraqi Sand dry brush of packs and webbing, azure blue for goggles, basalt grey dry brush for weapons and US dark green for AT-4s and Stinger.

The complete force, two platoons, each of three sections with a section leader and two fire teams of four.  Each platoon has a command section of 5 or 6 men with officer, radio operator and medic, plus one of the platoons has a hand held stinger team added.  Each platoon is supported by a HMG and crew, and a sniper team.

1st platoon.  Each fire team comprises a SAW, M16 with UGL and 2 M16 troopers, although one M16 trooper in each section also carries an AT-4 weapon.  Two of the sections have a designated marksman in place of an M16 marine in the fire team that doesn't have the AT-4.

2nd platoon.  The sharper eyed of you may have noticed some of these marines wear US dark green body armour and carry green equipment pouches, so are better suited to Mogadishu than Afghanistan, but for my purposes, they just add to the rag tag look of infantry in combat.  This platoon isn't as well equipped as 1st platoon with only two sections carrying AT-4s and no designated marksmen.  The HQ section also lacks a stinger team.

1st platoon fire teams with AT-4s and section leaders.

2nd platoon fire teams, only the front and rear teams have AT-4s.

1st platoon HQ section.  Stinger figure is a conversion from the SAM teams package head swapped with a USMC figure.

2nd platoon HQ section.  I quite like the medic with his blood bag.

1st platoon HMG and sniper teams.  I'm going to buy another HMG pack and convert them to AGLs as well, should be a case in this scale of trimming the barrel shorter and adding a round ammunition drum.

2nd platoon supports.  I still need to finish the spotter for the sniper team.

1st platoon designated marksmen in 2nd and third fire teams (right hand figure next to section leaders).

1st platoon fire teams with AT-4s carried by far right figures.

2nd platoon basic fire teams, each team (left to right) comprises figures armed with an M16 with UGL, SAW and 2 M16s.

These are nice figures to paint, lots of crisp, raised detail.  I was really pleased with the final result.  I'll have to pick up some Hummers and AAV-P7s to get these mobile, plus some helicopter gunship or fast air support.

I fielded a platoon of these at the club last night in a game of Tomorrows War, where they were doubling up as DPRG forces in the first practice scenario on p99 of the rule book.  A good game, my DPRG troops took a real pounding from the high tech USMC troopers in the scenario, but managed to distract them from the goal of rescuing the downed pilot meaning that they couldn't get the pilot off table by the end of turn 8.  We then played the 2nd practice scenario in the book, with a couple of USMC Perkins tanks ambushing a troop of 5 DPRG tanks (my Pound Shop bargains).  In that scenario, my tanks took a pounding but managed to knock out both Perkins tanks.  However, by game end I only got one tank off the table with 3 knocked out and one stuck on the edge of the forest, so lost as I didn't get enough off table.  Both were quick and fun games with some interesting tactical challenges.

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. Hi Andy,
    They look great, always liked Peter Pig stuff. Look forward to hearing more about your Tomorrows War games.
    Richard P

  2. Just picked up a copy of the rules from ebay for a tenner.
    Richard P

  3. Very similar to Force on Force with some subtle differences and the obvious extra capabilities like grav' and drop ships etc.. There are some bargains around - I picked up copies of the Fallujah, Vietnam and Gulf War supplements for FonF for £5 each at the Derby show - second hand, but good as new!
    Cheers, Andy