Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Poundstretcher conversions in 15mm for Tomorrows War

Following on from the previous post, a few months back Poundstretcher were running a line of toy cars, which included some useful military vehicles - all for £1 each.

First up is a tank of some description, I'm not sure if it's meant to be an M1 or an M60 or something else all together.  It comes in a glossy green and silver camouflage scheme - on the left in the image below.  In the centre is one undercoated in Vallejo pale grey primer and on the right painted in a MERDC desert scheme of pale brown and tan earth with NATO black and Iraqi sand squiggles and the tracks picked out in gunmetal grey and the MG in NATO black.

As above, slightly more broadside on view.  The final version should do well as a heavy tank for Tomorrows War.

Also in the range were some APCs with rocket launchers, which look remarkably like 6-wheeled VABs.  They come in a sand camouflage finish with stencilled logos along the sides (left side of picture below).  Next is the same undercoated and then a version painted up in light brown and English uniform.  It is possible to unscrew the body and remove it, allowing the central axle to be removed as well as the rocket assembly , leaving a suitable command vehicle (right side of image).  I can't decide whether the socket for the rocket assembly will make a good base for a radar dish (which I'd have to scratch build) or to mount a HMG and gunner.

Close-ups of the "VABs".

For less than a tenner, I picked up enough tanks and apcs for a reasonable game of Tomorrows War.  Many thanks to Ian Shaw for alerting me to them being in stock again at Poundstretcher earlier this year.  I now find myself scanning the displays of Corgi, Matchbox, Hot Wheels and the like looking for suitable vehicle conversions.

Thanks for looking.

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