Tuesday, 28 October 2014

20mm Taliban reinforcements

The rest of my Britannia Miniatures haul from WWS at Donnington Park.  Some much needed Taliban reinforcements for my insurgency campaign and to fight in Andreivia.

First up, three sniper teams.

An observer team for calling in mortars and rockets or triggering IEDs.

A hand held SAM missile team.

Three Taliban leaders.

Three RPG armed insurgents.

Three figures armed with PKM mgs.

Insurgents armed with AK47/74s.

More AK47/74 armed insurgents.

And yet more.

These were painted in the same way as the heavy weapons in the previous post.  They provide enough Taliban figures to put on table for game start up, plus a reasonable number of reinforcements to bring on during the course of each game.  These should be in use on Thursday in a FoF game, when they are going to be hunting a broken down Russian tank on the outskirts of a village, although I strongly suspect the Russian relief forces will be doing their level best to whittle down my insurgents.

Thanks for looking.

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