Monday, 3 November 2014

British 16th Air Assault Brigade in 20mm UAV team

Here is a Desert Hawk II UAV with spotter team from Britannia Miniatures.  These guys were part of a package I received in the post from Richard P, along with a coupe of Warrior ICVs and a load of 6mm Timecast modern scenery for the next big CWC game at Broughton next year - thanks Richard.

The UAV comes with a small hole in the base, which is ideal for mounting on a wire base, which I've painted a light sea grey.

These should be ideal for eliminating out of contact movement by insurgents in our Force on Force games.  My British troops should be getting their first outing in an Afghanistan-based scenario in a couple of weeks at the club, so looking forward to that.

I've been working on a mixed batch of projects recently.  I've almost finished another two units of Hearthguard for my Saga Anglo-Danes.  Still got two units of warriors and a unit of skirmishers to wrap up to complete the 6 point warband.  I also painted up some Israeli infantry in 15mm from a job lot I picked up on ebay.  Finally, as I've been doing a lot of 20mm figures recently, I dug out my 20mm German paratroopers and have been finishing of the three battalion commands, plus a Brigade command and observer team.  That will complete all the infantry for my Rapid-Fire brigade, although with no heavy weapons as yet.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Nice one Andy, the team look great.
    Richard P

  2. Thanks Richard, lots more Britannia gear on the way.
    Cheers, Andy