Wednesday, 26 November 2014

15mm Arab buildings

Steve Oates, of the Baggage Train, brought in some new resin buildings he has been working on for North Africa and the Middle East in 15mm.  These are really nice models of a simple single storey dwelling with roof access from a small walled garden, and a shop/bazaar with open frontage at street level and stairs access to a first floor terrace and living accommodation.  The bazaar units can be assembled as a stand alone structure, with a wall along the external stairs (see left hand building in picture below), or they can be arranged in a terrace,  in which case the wall is left out and the stairs run beside the end wall of the next building.  I've shown them here as a small village or hamlet with some of the excellent Peterpig USMC figures from their AK47 range and a Matchbox Jackal, which is waiting to be remodelled and crewed.

One of the small single storey units.  To finish this building off I'm going to add some Woodland Scenics foliage to represent a fig or olive tree growing in the walled garden - nothing too big though or there won't be room for troops.

The other building from the opposite view - note the detachable garden, for a bit of variation.

Two of the bazaar buildings shown as a terrace, with USMC searching the upper storeys and the platoon commander using the terrace as a vantage point to observe the search of the rest of the village.

Nice models, very few bubbles, easy to assemble with a little bit of filing to get a smooth fit.  I washed them with washing up liquid, which meant they were really easy to paint.  They were under coated light grey and painted light brown.  English uniform for doors and roof hatches, black for windows.  Everything was dry brushed white and black added to chimneys.  Finally coated with matt varnish for protection.

I don't think these are on the Baggage Train web site but I'm sure Steve will have them at shows next year or drop him an e-mail.  He's also produced a mosque and a larger municipal building, plus some Ottoman fortifications.

Thanks for looking.

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