Sunday, 16 November 2014

1/200 Revell Apache

I picked this little model up on an impulse buy for £2 in Tesco's.  It's snap together and took about 2 minutes to build, so would make a great little introduction kit for a youngster.  However, I was a bit disappointed in the fit.  All the parts do snap together, but the tail fins plug into a slot at the rear of the model which is formed by the two halves of the fuselage when clipped together.  Unfortunately, when clipping the tail in, mine pushed the fuselage parts apart, more or less exploding the model, so I had to superglue the fuselage halves together and then glue the plug in place to keep the tail fins in place.  Similarly, the underslung gun pod dropped out and had to be glued in place. Overall simple to put together, but glue was needed for mine.

The final version, not a bad rendition of the helicopter in 1:200.

Model and box it comes in.

Thanks for looking.

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