Sunday, 16 November 2014

Chechen heavy weapons in 20mm

I've added some extra heavy weapons teams to my Chechen force for Andreivia (Arc of Fire) and Force on Force. These are all from Under Fire Miniatures, three SPG-9 teams and an AGS-17 AGL.  Rear right is the original SPG-9 team I painted last year, in front are the two additions.

One of the SPG-9 teams in more detail, ready to meet the Andreivian Armenian armour.

The AGS-17 team for when the opposition infantry gets a bit bunched up.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Hi very cool units. I have been looking at wargameing The Chechen vs. Soviets also looking in to a Peter The Great Vs Chechens I like Peter he was I would say the Best leader Russia ever had. Anyhow great job on the Minis:-) Greyson in Va. USA