Sunday, 16 November 2014

20mm Britannia British vehicles

Credit where it's due, amazing service from Grubby Tanks/Britannia.  I placed an order for some vehicles and figures over the weekend and received them on the following Wednesday.  Not only that, but I received some complementary figures in the package as well.

Here are the vehicles that I ordered. First up the Jackal.  I was a little disappointed with this particular model as there was quite a lot of damage due to bubbles.  I had to fill quite a few with air-drying modelling clay, which generally worked well, but one of the smoke dischargers had almost disappeared.  However, once cleaned up and painted, the model looks really nice and the figures are excellent, with very nice raised detail which paint up well.  I've used some blu-tak type stuff to fix the figures in place so that I can remove them if the vehicle is hit.  I tried to give them a dusty/dirty "in theatre" look by washing them in Army Painter strong tone ink, which was then largely brushed off during application of the matt varnish, leaving the ink in recesses and around panel edges or raised detail like rivets.

A pair of WMIKs ready to go out on patrol.  These were much crisper models with hardly any bubbling of the resin.

Three Viking apcs.  The castings ranged from near perfect to requiring some modelling clay filling of bubbles.  This wasn't a big problem except where the raised detail hadn't cast, like the raised ribs on the front of the central Viking in the image below. However, once filled and painted, they look really cool and I can't wait to get them on the board in a FonF game.  Any shortcomings in the filling front = battle damage.

Some nice vehicles there from Britannia.  I shall have to get another WMIK and a Viking, plus a Mastiff or two, so I have the vehicles I need for the "Enduring Freedom" scenarios.  These will complement the die cast Altaya Warriors and Challengers that I have sourced off e-bay, along with some air lift via a Lynx, 2 Pumas and a Chinook.  I'm also looking at the Snatch Landrovers from the Hobby Den, but am also tempted to try and scratch build them from a couple of Matchbox Landrover Defenders that I picked up the other day in Sainsbury's- only really needs the roof lifting off and rebuilt with a hole in it for a minimi gunner to fit in the top.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Hi Andy,

    They've all come out very well despite the bubbles. I had the same experience with a Britannia IS-2 I got the other week, yes there's some filling to do but the models quite nice and the service you get from them is first class. I even got some free dismounted Russian tank crew which are really nice models.


  2. Thanks Richard. I'm pleased with the results. I'm hoping to get them on the table for a scenario out of the FonF Enduring Freedom scenario book soon. I must admit I'm quite hooked on the FonF rules, they make an exciting game that can be played in a couple of hours so ideal for a club evening. I like that you can identify the two or three key decisions that will directly affect the outcome of the game - hopefully like a real commander.
    Cheers, Andy