Sunday, 19 October 2014

Spetsnaz in 20mm

This weekend I managed to finish my Under Fire Miniatures Spetsnaz figures (UFM Mod Rus 5).  These have been hanging around on the edge of my painting table since I picked them up at WMMS back in Feb/Mar.  I slotted them in between the British and Taliban figures I'm working on for our Force on Force campaign at the club.

All five figures, three with AK74s, one of these with a UGL, one RPG and AK74 and one PKM LMG.  They are wearing the sphere helmet, although the middle figure has added a full face plate.

AK-74 with UGL figure - he is carrying a slung LAW as well.

The RPG figure with slung AK-74.

AK-74 figure with face plate.

Running AK-74 figure.

PKM LMG figure.

Rear view of the figure group.

These are really nice figures.  I'll probably pick up some of the other packs in the range and be watching the web site to see if any new codes are released.  They are painted in Vallejo Russian green with dark sand spots, helmets are brown violet, boots and weapons in NATO black dry brushed basalt grey.  Wooden kit is English uniform, RPG and LAWs are in Russian green.  All were washed in Army Painter strong tone diluted 2:1 with acrylic thinners.  Hood lining was picked out in dark sand.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Excellent work Andy, really like the UnderFire stuff, got some Bush Wars figures and some Russian Support Weapons at Triples earlier this year. Just need to paint them.
    Richard P

  2. Cheers Richard. I was a bit daunted by the amount of 20mm raw metal piling up as I had the UFM from WMMS and Britannia (British and Taliban) from Derby. I decided to have a mega day basing and spray undercoating them all. I found the regulars easy as a base uniform coat and it was easy to batch paint them for mass production. I was less automated for the Taliban as, being Irregulars, they all wear something different from traditional dress to old US and Soviet uniforms to modern civilian clothing. Quite labour intensive and no routine. I think I've got them about wrapped up now - just to do the bases and maybe add some extra details. That leaves me with a couple of Chechen crew-served weapons and I'll have completed all the 20mm raw metal that I have.
    Cheers, Andy