Friday, 1 April 2016

Britannia British Commandos

One of my many "back burner" projects is an interest in some of the larger set piece commando raids of WW2, such as Vaagso and St Nazaire.  To start the ball rolling, I picked up some WW2 British Commandos from Britannia at the WMMS show.  Just a handful as they are wearing cap comforters and most commandos wore 37 pattern helmets in the early raids (sensible chaps).  These make a noce change from all the DPM I've been working on lately, so were quite quick to get going.

The whole bunch.

An officer with pistol and an RTO with sten.

Rear view.

Various poses armed with a Sten, Lee-Enfield and Thompson SMG.

Two figures with "Tommy guns", one throwing a grenade, and a bren gunner.

One figure with a Sten and two with Lee-Enfields.

Not bad figures to paint up, quite nice raised detail.  Unfortunately the molds are showing their age a little and the figures are quite flat and the two halves of the mold don't always match up perfectly.  However, they were relatively easy to trim with a craft knife and file and the finished models should add a bit of variety to other infantry in helments.  I've sourced some test figures from SHQ for infantry in 37 pattern helmets and some Kriegsmarine infantry from Kellys Heroes at Britannia (more on these later).  Still deciding what rules system to use for commando raids, although Force on Force seems a good candidate, and what scale of game to recreate (Vaagso had over 500 commandos vs over 100 Germans, including Kriegsmarine, Regular infantry and Mountain troops).

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. Nice work Andy, am I seeing things or does the Tommy gunner throwing the grenade have a big bushy moustache :-)
    Richard P

    1. Thanks Richard. Yes, he's definitely sporting a luxurious tache. Some of the others are too, but his is definitely the most bushy.

      Cheers, Andy