Wednesday 29 August 2018

20mm Anyscale Models terrain pieces

I put in an order to Anyscale Models for various pieces of terrain suitable for the Vaagso game we are putting on at WMMS next year.  I was mainly looking for items suitable for adding detail to harbour and industrial scenes, particularly fish oil factories.

With a factory scene in mind, I've completed an oil tank on stone piers, which should do nicely for fish oil.  This was a three part resin casting, two piers and the tank, with the feed pipe comprising a copper wire cast into the resin.

The piers are painted basalt grey, dry brushed stone grey and the tank is black grey dry brushed oily steel.  The wooden pads on the piers are beige brown dry brushed german camo beige.

As most industry needs a reliable, often copious supply of fresh water, here is a water tank on stone pier.  I think this is intended as a line-side feature for a railway, but a tank is a tank and this will do fine for a factory complex.

This one is painted in the same way as the oil tank.  Next time I'm making up some clear resin, I'll fill the tank with it to simulate the tank full of water.

Still on the workbench is a 10 man tent for a forward medical aid station, a barge and assorted wooden boxes, nets, coal sacks, covered lorry loads, etc.  I plan to order some more scatter items and will add another barge and possibly some fishing boats - after all the fish oil needs to come from somewhere.  The company also does a nice 5-6" gun, which would be great to add to a larger trawler to make it an armed trawler to make into a harbour defence ship with a German crew or an escort/mine sweeper trawler with an RN crew.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Fantastic they’re perfect for the dockside. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the stuff finished.
    Cheers, Richard P

    1. Cheers Richard,

      Just back from Cornwall, so will start with the tent, ammo boxes, cable drum and truck loads as they are already primed.

      Cheers, Andy

  2. Thanks Will,

    More planned.

    Cheers, Andy