Thursday, 15 May 2014

More Cold War Turks in 6mm

I had a delivery from Irregular Miniatures last week.  Here are two battalions of USM52 105mm SPGs (Irregular MAF49), which I'm going to use as M44 155mm SPGs to provide arty support for a Turkish armoured brigade.

These are nice models, which come in two variants, one with stowage around the turret sides (on the left) and the other with commander's head and shoulders peering out of the turret hatch (on right).

Same from the rear.

Some Mainforce West German Stingers, which are going to double up as Turkish Redeye SAMS (whoops should have read Blowpipe).

Finally, some Irregular Miniatures recoilless rifles and crew from the Vietnam range (VN5).  These are going to represent 75mm M20 or 106mm M40 weapons for the Turks.  Have to say that as raw metal they don't look too spectacular, but they paint up really well and look fine on the table top.

Waiting now for deliveries from Scotia and H&R with some light French armour to complete the Daguet "Division" - 1st Gulf War, and the remaining vehicles for Turkish armoured, mechanised and infantry brigades in the 80's and 90's.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Do you ever sleep! Great work as always. Need to clear the decks in Shed HQ and get started on some 6mm stuff. Working on a load of Leven Miniatures buildings at the moment to supplement my Timecast commission. Got loads to do for September.
    Richard P

  2. Sometimes. I just get the camera out and take a load of photos, then take a while to write up the blog, so when the muse is upon me I tend to get a few posts up quickly, then it's back to the slog of painting again.