Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Yet more Cold War French

On the premise that you can never have enough French microarmour I figured to extend my French armoured division from the 80's into the 90's, so I can add VBLs and Leclercs.  Most of my existing forces, with some additional armoured cars, can be stretched easily to 1991 and the Division Daguet - the French contribution to Operation Desert Storm.

I needed some Crotale AA stands - these are two firing vehicles (Scotia FM004) and the FCR radar vehicle (Scotia FM005) - for the Daguet Division.

These Crotale models are really nice.

A company of VBL Milan ATGM stands (Scotia FM035).  These are painted in the tricolour NATO scheme used on French vehicles in the 90's.

As the Daguet Division was equipped with more VAB HOT Mephisto units than I had, here are six more stands using Scotia FM018.

Next up will be units of AMX-10RC and ERC 90 to complete the light armoured units available to the Daguet Division.

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  1. Nice work as always, really looking forward to seeing these on the table in September trundling through the Bavarian countryside.
    Richard P