Tuesday, 13 May 2014

WW1 Mk IV tanks

Part of my Christmas present that finally made it on to the painting table.

Here are four stands of Mk IV male "tanks" from Heroics and Ros (GWB1) painted in khaki grey with flat brown exhaust and tracks dry brushed in gunmetal.  Vehicle recognition flash in flat red on white.  All Vallejo paints.

Mark IV female "tanks" (H&R GWB2), similar paint job to the males above.

Both types, female at front, males behind.

These are part of a WW1 force I'm putting together - ready for some club games of Great War Spearhead to get some games in as part of the anniversary in August.  Next in the pipeline will be H&R infantry and cavalry and some of the new Baccus early war infantry - all for the British.

Thanks for looking.


  1. They look great Andy, plan to get some Baccus WWI bits at Triples on Saturday.

  2. Thanks Richard. The Baccus WW1 Early Brits look nice - haven't had them out of the box yet though. I like the new H&R early Germans from their web site as well.