Tuesday, 13 May 2014

USMC ECCM vehicle in 6mm

For the Crisis Point mega game last year we were going to use ECCM vehicles as specialist stands with recce abilities.  In the end I used a modified Hummer, but I also experimented with a LAV-25 hull that I had received minus its turret.  I used some modelling clay to raise the hull roof and added some copper wire aerials, one with a blob of modelling clay to represent a rather oversized microwave transmitter.  I think the modified LAV turned out cooler than the Hummer, so thought I'd put up a photo of it anyway.

The look of the vehicle I was aiming for.  An upgraded LAV-C image I found on Google.

A LAV MEWSS vehicle with what looks like a giant TV aerial on the roof as well as a bunch of whip aerials, another find on Google.

Thanks for looking.


  1. You've been busy again I see. I am using your USMC force as inspiration for my own.
    Richard P

  2. Hi Richard

    Actually did this last year, but never finished painting the roof/aerials. I'll have to add some M1s at some point to take them through to the 90's.