Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Turkish mechanised brigade

Currently working up the 4th Turkish Corps for games set in eastern Turkey during a Soviet invasion in the late 80's/early 90's.  I've been experimenting with various camouflage schemes and finished up with the schemes below, mainly for the 20th Mechanised Brigade.  Rear left is a 1st Batt Leopard 1A5 (H&R GM21) painted in standard NATO green, black and brown.  Rear centre is a 2nd Batt M48A5T1 (H&R USM07) painted in yellow ochre with NATO green, black and brown disruptive patterns.  Rear right is an M60A3 (H&R USM05), actually from the 4th Armoured Brigade, in US dark green, with NATO black and orange brown disruptive patterns.  Front left is an M113 from 3rd Batt (H&R USM 11) painted to match the Leopard scheme, while front right is a similar M113 from 4th Batt in the Leopard scheme with added Iraqi sand streaks.  The 2nd and 4th Batts are assumed to have hastily deployed back with the 20th Brigade, having been in action in the south east of Turkey along the Syrian and Iranian borders, hence the more arid cammo scheme.

The same from a slightly different angle.

2/20 Battalion in M48A5T1s.

1/20 Battalion in Leopard 1A5s.

4/20th Battalion in M113s.

3/20th Battalion again in M113s.

20th Mechanised support companies.  At rear Hummer Stinger carriers (H&R USM 42 with a small square of business card to represent the rook hatch), doubling as Redeye carriers.  Middle left are M113s for the engineering company (the AVLB is still on the painting to do list).  Middle right are three M113 TOW carriers (H&R USM 16).  Front left is a M577 (H&R USM14) with Irregular Vietnam US infantry command group (VN7).  Front right are three Unimog light trucks (H&R GM14) for towing M107mm mortars.

Quite pleased with the results of a washout bank holiday weekend weather-wise.  Thanks for looking.

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  1. Do you ever sleep? I better get up the garden to Shed HQ and get painting to try and catch up with you. Like the different camo schemes they look great.
    Richard P