Wednesday, 13 March 2013

BAOR Chieftains - early 1980's

For a bit of light relief from my ongoing USMC project, I painted and based up four Scotia Chieftain tanks (BM0001).  I painted them using a NATO two colour pattern to resemble those I had seen on a visit to Munster back in 1980.  They are base coated in white acrylic gesso, then washed in a thinned down Tamiya NATO green with some random splodges of Tamiya NATO black.  The gun barreIs are highlighted with Vallejo green grey to indicate what appear to be canvas wrappings on Google images.  I washed the models with very dilute Army Painter dark tone ink and varnished them with Wilkinsons matt acrylic varnish.

The basing is ERM laser cut MDF 40x20mm bases, textured with Vallejo desert base medium, washed with Vallejo flat earth.  Spring meadow flock was applied with PVA glue.  They are based for Cold War Commander, with three regular tank stands and a larger HQ command stand.

The three tank stands plus the HQ.
  The HQ stand in close up.
 The individual platoons.

Thanks for looking.

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