Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Turning to the Dark Side?

Taking the advice of various wartime (WW2) entreaties to "Know Your Enemy!", I've been slowly creating a Warsaw Pact Motor Rifle Regiment, based on T-55s and BTR-60s, plus varied support vehicles.  Longer term, this will provide me with an opponent for the USMC forces, for some solo play, and the flexibility to take on either side in any club games.  I've used T-55s so I can represent Soviet CAT II or Warsaw Pact units (I was thinking East German or Czech) - if I go the East German route I can always upgrade the tank battalions if I want to field units for the late 80s.

This is as far as I've got, although there is a veritable mountain of unpainted lead waiting for me to get the time.

Skytrex PTS-M (M773) heavy amphibian.

 H&R ASU-85 (SM27).
 BRDM-2 and Spandrel (AT-5) by H&R (SM25).
 H&R SA-8 Gecko (SM41).

H&R ZSU23-4 Shilka (SM37).

 H&R SA-6 Gainful (SM40).
 H&R SA-9 Gaskin on BRDM-2 (SM42).
 H&R SA-13 Gopher on MT-LB (SM43) - unfortunately I managed to mount the support for the missile array the wrong way around so the Snap SHot ranging radar is pointing backwards - ah well, that's another one to order next time.
 H&R BRDM-2 recce (SM 22).
 H&R PT-76 light amphibious tank (SM08).
 T55 HQ stand by H&R (SM06).
 Two tank battalions from Motor Rifle Regiments on the workbench.  I plan to upgrade one of them from three companies to five, to form the Independent tank battalion of a Motor Rifle Division. 

All are base coated in white acrylic gesso, washed in dilute Vallejo Cammo Olive Green (formerly Russian Green).  Tracks are picked out in black, wheels in black grey, exhausts in flat brown.  All are washed in Army Painter dark tone ink, heavily diluted with thinners, then varnished with Wilkinsons Matt Acrylic varnish.  Basin is on ERM 2mm laser cut mdf, textured with Vallejo desert basing medium and washed with flat earth, then partly covered with spring meadow flock.

As ever, thanks for looking.

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