Saturday, 23 March 2013

More Arctic Strike aircraft?

Been down in that London most of this week, just by Westminster Abbey, nice to visit but glad to be home!  I managed to fit a game in last Saturday at the Defenders games weekend, a refight of Lutzen, 1813, organised by Will (Russian), with Ian (French) and me (Prussian), using Black Powder rules.  Wills collection is mainly 20mm plastic figures, and they looked great on the table, especially towards the end of the game when the table was swarming with French.  Great fun, even if the Prussians enjoyed a truely terrible run of the dice, especially for orders and morale.  There's a link to Wills blog with photos below.

I've finished a couple more aircraft from Scotia for Arctic Strike next month.

A Shackelton Mk2 AEW (Scotia CABM06).

I painted this one up in RAF 8 Squadron colours, based at Lossiemouth as being most suitable to provide AEW support over northern Norway.  This one is based on the Dougal aircraft (apparently they were all named after Magic Roundabout or The Herbs characters) from Google images.  The model itslef comes in three parts with the wings seperate from the fuselage.  The wings are very heavy and take some glueing, so I'd recommend drilling out holes and using wire pegs to fit them securely.  White gesso undercoat, Vallejo Azure Blue and Tamiya NATO Black.  Decals from Dom's Decals.

 The U2 spyplane (Scotia CAUM16).

A single piece casting, undercoated in white gesso and overpainted in Tamiya NATO black.  Operating out of Wiesbaden airforce base, this aircraft would be monitoring Soviet land forces progress down the spine of Norway, the progress of Soviet amphibious forces and the disposition of the Soviet fleet in the Norwegian Sea and the vicinity of Murmansk.  No markings to reflect its role as a spy plane during the cold war.

Thanks for looking!

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