Tuesday, 5 March 2013

More aircraft for Arctic Strike

Fighter cover courtesy of a US Navy Carrier Wing.  Two F-14 Tomcats, "Top Gun" (H&R USMA401).

Marine attack aircraft, three A-7 Corsairs (H&R USMA205).
 Grey low viz cammo colours are a bit subdued, I much prefer the high viz colours of the 70's.  The mould for this model isn't anywhere near as good as some, lots of pitting and cavities under the wings.

Recent developments in 1985, three F-18 Hornets (H&R USMA413).
 As with the Corsairs, very subdued colours, but a nice model, still quite crisp.

US Air Force heavy lift helos, a pair of CH-47s (H&R USMA505).

Finally, three Royal Navy Sea King helicopters (H&R UKMA501) in the 1970's FAA colours of dark sea blue and white.  All ready for a bit of sonar dipping, AEW, troop insertion, etc.

 Is that Prince Andrew waving from the co-pilots seat - must be on Exocet deception duties?


  1. Hi Andy,

    What blue paint did you use for the Sea Kings?


    Richard P

  2. Hi Richard

    I used Vallejo Dark Sea Blue (70898), quite dilute on a white base coat, which lightens it up a bit.