Tuesday, 5 March 2013

USMC almost done

Electronic warfare recce stands.  A Scotia LAV-C (UM0008) and a Hummer Command vehicle (UM0024) both with erected microwave mast aerials - think temporary mobile phone masts.  Masts and aerials on Hummer are copper wire drilled and glued in place.

Four batteries of 155mm M198s and M35 tows - actually Scotia British FH-70s (BM0013) and Heroics and Ros M35s (USM40) forming one battalion of the 10th Marine Artillery Regiment.

Front - 4 M109s (Heroics and Ros USM24), rear - 2 M109s and 2 M110s (Heroics and Ros USM21), each forming a battallion of SP artillery from 10th Marine Artillery Regiment.

A Scotia M60A1 with dozer blade (UM0045).
 Scotia LAV-C HQ stand
 Three marine infantry HQ stands with Bv206 transports

 Marine infantry regimental CO stand - one of those tiny figures should represent me in the upcoming weekend game - must remember to take care of this stand.

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