Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Soviet BTR-60PB Motor Rifle Battalion

Just completed the first of the BTR-60PB batallions for the mid-1980s BTR-60 Motor Rifle Regiment that I'm putting together.  In the vertical view, at the top are three infantry companies of three platoons (stands) each, each stand carried in a BTR-60PB (H&R SM16).  At the front right is the HQ stand with a BTR-60PA command (H&R SM77) and a BRDM-2 (H&R SM22).  Next to the HQ is an SA-7 Grail SAM stand carried in a BTR-60PB.  In the centre is a 120mm mortar with Gaz 66 truck tow (H&R SM51).  To the left are two alternative ATGM stands, an AT-3 Sagger stand and an AT-4 Spigot stand, either carried in a BTR-60PB.


The HQ stand (right) and SA-7 Grail team in BTR-60PB (part of the support company).
 Also from the support company, a 120mm mortar and Gaz 66 truck tow.

Also from the support company an AT-3 Sagger and AT-4 Spigot stand, carried in a BTR-60PB.  The alternative ATGM stands represent historically earlier and later versions or could be used to represent CAT I and CAT II or III readiness units.
 Three platoon (stand) BTR-60PB company.
 All three companies and a company of BTR-60PB.
 Three platoon infantry company and BTR-60PB transport.

Just got to do two more of these and finish off the regimental supports to complete the Motor Rifle Regiment.

All were painted in my usual way, base coat white acrylic gesso; vehicles - dilute wash in Vallejo medium olive green cammo (formerly Russian Green), wheels in Vallejo black grey, exhaust picked out in Vallejo flat brown, washed in diluted Army Painter dark shade ink; infantry - Vallejo green brown wash, medium olive green cammo helmets, packs and equipment, Tamiya NATO black weapons, flat flesh, washed in dilute Army Painter soft tone ink.  All are varnished in Wilkinsons matt acrylic varnish.

For some variation, I'm thinking of substituting MT-LBs for the BTR-60s to represent at least two Motor Rifle Divisions that were allocated to Norway - some opposition for my USMC forces.  Apparently the MT-LB has a lower track pressure and was this more mobile than the BTR-60s and BMP-1s in regular units and so were more mobile on ice and snow.

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. Very good Andy. I'll be sorting out my own Motor Rifle Regiment over Easter, though mine is BMP-2 equipped (T-72BV's in the tank battalion) and is for the late 80's. Will you add any SPG-9's? I think each BTR equipped battalion had 2 in the battalion antitank platoon by the late 80's.

    The MTLB idea seems a good one to me, I have a few to paint as mortar carriers/tows.



  2. Hi Richard - been thinking about this as the SPG-9's are a section within the AT platoon. I'm leaning towards adding an SPG-9 plus crew to the AT-3 and -4 platoon stands and giving them the option to fire with the SPG-9 stats once they use up the allocation of ATGM fireing in a turn. This keeps the one stand to one platoon CWC formula, but gives a role for the SPG-9. I've got loads of these as part of a bring n buy deal I bought with a whole bunch of Czech vehicles, so could do with finding something to use them on - it's that or keep them for the airborne (although I've got enough for both).



  3. Have just discovered your blog while researching some 6mm moderns and it's a goldmine. The Heroics and Ros info you give is especially useful. Many thanks, and I'll be using you as a reference into the future!

    BTW, my mate is a Czech fanatic so I'll get him to drop you a line on those models you ask about in an earlier post.


  4. Thanks Aaron. Glad you find it useful. Look forward to any help with the Czech equipment.